Tree Removal Guidelines

The Genesee Foundation strives to preserve, protect and enhance the natural environment; therefore, requests for tree removals must first go through either Open Space Manager Brian Maillett or the Architectural Review Committee for review.

For more information on the various types of tree removals please review all of the information below and make fill out the form the best describes your needs. If you still have questions, please reach out to our Open Space Manager for more direction. 

Not sure where to start with your tree removal project?

Private Property Tree Removal Plans

General Tree Removal

Approval for all other cases of tree removal are a bit simpler. In some cases, the ARC does not need to look at or approve your submittal at all; it can be done by appointment with our Open Space Manager. 

Open Space tree Removal Plans

Resident Wildfire Mitigation Actions on Open Space

Due to the increasing wildfire risk in Genesee, it is important for residents to be able to alter the vegetation near their homes to reduce ignition risk for their homes and also support safe and timely emergency evacuation should the need ever occur. There is a policy for tree removal on private property and on adjacent Open Space. This policy provides a streamlined process to request and approve removal of tree limbs and shrubs, and for mowing grass on Open Space near homes.

Residents must first contact the Open Space Manager with a request to perform work in Open Space next to their property. No work may be initiated prior to an onsite meeting with the Open Space Manager or Assistant Open Space Manager (Foundation Staff). At the onsite mandatory meeting, Foundation Staff and the resident will review property boundaries, neighboring view corridors and boundaries and proposed work to be done. The Scope of the work will be determined by the resident and Open Space Manager at the onsite meeting. No work outside of this predetermined scope may be performed. Foundation Staff will send a final form with agreed upon scope to the resident for signature. Staff will take before pictures of the approved work area. Work may not begin until Foundation Staff has received a completed Liability Form from the resident.

Residents must notify Foundation Staff once work is complete and send post-work photos within 10 days of work completion. With Open Space Manager permission, resident is allowed to:

  1. Cut grass
    a. If mowing grass, grass height can be mowed down to 3 inches and only in areas specified by the Foundation staff.
    b. Resident can maintain a grass height of 3 inches with regular return intervals of mowing with Foundation staff permission.
  2. Trim tree branches up to 10 feet or ⅓ tree height on trees marked during prework meeting
    a. If removing limbs, limb should be cut back to branch collar. In order to preserve tree health, not more than 50% of live green needles on the tree should be removed.
  3. Remove small trees or bushes that are 6 inches in diameter or less measured at 4.5 feet tall within their defensible space that extends into Open Space (Defensible space extends 100 feet from the structure).

If hiring a contractor to perform work on Open Space, residents are required to secure proof of liability insurance from their contractor naming Genesee Foundation as additionally insured. Residents can reseed disturbed Open Space areas using Genesee native grass mix or Genesee native wildflower mix. Residents are responsible for slash or debris resulting from these tasks. Open Space Manager may be able to assist in slash or debris removal.


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