Brian Kincaid

General Manager

Brian is our onsite licensed Community Manager. He runs the day-to-day operations of the Genesee Foundation and manages the seven full-time staff members. His duties also include creating and managing the budget, assisting in covenant enforcement, handling all HR matters, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and collections. He works closely with the Board of Directors and Genesee committees. 

Brian Maillett

Open space Manager

Brian is our onsite Forester and Open Space Manager, implementing and overseeing forest health and weed management programs. He creates and administers community-wide fire mitigation projects and grants, and assists homeowners in obtaining grant funding for private property defensible space projects. He also works closely with the Trails Committee to maintain and improve our extensive trail system.

Traci Phillips

ARC Administrator

Traci is our full-time onsite ARC and Covenant Coordinator. She processes all Architectural Review Committee applications and ensures compliance with the ARC standards by working closely with our ARC. In addition, she monitors properties for covenant violations and assists with enforcement.

Sarah Davis

Community Support Administrator

Sarah is our onsite Community Support Administrator and event coordinator. She assists with communications, resident services, and committee projects. In addition, she will most likely be the person to answer your questions via the phone or in the office.

Chris Mazurek

Facilities Manager

Chris has been with Genesee for over 22 years. He directs all maintenance programs on commonly owned facilities and property to ensure the preservation, enhancement, and protection of all Genesee assets. He manages Dennis and Evan, our talented and resourceful maintenance mechanics. This team makes sure that our amenities are kept in top shape.

Brendan Lopez

Web/media coordinator

Brendan is our onsite Media + Web Coordinator. He creates and maintains our website, designs, and formats our monthly magazine, The Genescene, oversees all Foundation communications, and creates all electronic community publications.

Jake Siem

Assistant Open Space Manager

Jake is our full-time on-site Assistant Open Space Manager helping our Open Space Manager to implement and oversee forest health and weed management programs. 


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