Committees are extremely valuable to the Genesee community by expanding the working scope of the Board and assisting it to effectively perform its duties. Community members are encouraged to become involved by contributing their time and expertise to serve the community. Members are appointed by the Board on a regular basis and anually. If you are interested in volunteering, please use the link at the bottom of this page, or send an email to the committee chair or to


Ensures communication effectiveness and efficiency within the community.


Evaluates, oversees and coordinates the repair and replacement of the Genesee Foundation's facilities and advises the Board on facility issues.


Reviews, analyzes, researches and comments to the Board on proposed capital and operating expenditures as requested by the Board.

Fire and Safety

Provides programs and strategies to help educate and proactively protect the lives and property of Genesee residents from the adverse effects of wildfires and other potential disasters.


Provides a voice and sounding board to the Genesee residents who utilize the Fitness Center at Foothills Clubhouse.

Open Space

Works closely with the Genesee Open Space Manager to advise the Board on Open Space and ecosystem management issues.


Submits recommendations to the Board to enhance the quality and effectiveness of its work.

Land Use

Provides oversight on land use affecting Genesee Foundation.

Social and Rec

Helps to foster a sense of community within Genesee by engaging residents through their volunteerism and participation in meaningful social and recreational activities.


Assists the Open Space Manager with the maintenance and development of the Genesee Foundation’s Open Space trail system.


Volunteer in Genesee