General Tree Removal Submittal

If you believe you have a tree in need of removal, please contact the Open Space Manager to schedule an appointment.


  1. A tree that presents an immediate danger of falling on buildings, roads, private drives or trails on Open Space
  2. Fire hazard of five (5) or fewer trees defined as follows:
    • Ladder fuel for a larger tree located within a 30-foot radius of the home.

    • Junipers within 10 feet of the home.

    • A tree growing through an existing deck.

    • Ponderosa pine saplings (diameter of less than 5 inches 4.5 feet from the ground) in stands of 10 or more

If the Open Space Manager deems a tree or trees a hazard s/he may approve removal without ARC approval. The following defines hazard trees and limitations for removal based solely on approval by the Open Space Manager.

The Open Space Manager may approve immediate removal of five or fewer infested/infected trees without ARC approval if said tree(s) provide an immediate threat to other surrounding trees.

Private property owners may remove dead aspen trees without any submission to the ARC.

Small trees are have a diameter of of 2-inches or less (measured 4.5 feet above the ground). This does not require a submission to ARC.

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