Governing Documents + Guidelines

Governing Documents

Genesee is a common interest community where all homeowners and residents are bound by our Governing Documents. 

Governance Guidelines

The Board of Directors, a group of seven resident volunteers elected to serve two- year terms, is committed to serving our community members through honest, transparent governance and effective stewardship of our community’s shared assets and values.

The Genesee Board of Directors oversees, approves and helps implement many of the Genesee Foundation’s key strategies and operations including:

  1. Financial Plans.
    The Board and its Finance Committee works with our Community Manager to produce annual budgets and monitor expenditures via our monthly Community Financial Statements. As part of that budgeting and monthly management process, the Board works to ensure that annual contributions to the Replacement and Improvement Funds are made to ensure a strong future for our community.

  2. Major Expense and Capital Expenditures.
    In consultation with the Finance Committee and Community Manager, the Board may set and approve limits on operational and capital expenditures.

  3. Legal Actions.
    The Board reviews and approves all significant actions which may have legal ramifications for the Genesee Foundation.

  4. Risk Policies.
    The board reviews and approves all actions in advance that may involve significant risk to the assets of the community.

  5. Board Committees.
    The Board creates all standing and special committees and reviews and approves their written charters, members, and progress.


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