The Foundation office will resume normal business hours on Monday, March 8th.

PUD/HOA Information for External Parties

PUD/HOA Information

Quarterly assessments for 2021 are $645 per lot. Consult your sub-association regarding dues in the Ridge Townhomes and the Preserve. Assessments cover use and maintenance costs for our clubhouses, swimming pools, fitness facilities, tennis and pickleball courts, hiking trails, etc. It also covers costs associated with patrol services, trash and recycling, periodic resurfacing of our private driveways and forest management.

Financial Management

Annual budgets for the Foundation are prepared and monitored by full-time employees. They also prepare estimates of necessary funds reserved for capital repairs and improvements. Budgets and reserve fund estimates are reviewed and approved by the Finance Committee of the Board. All interim financial reports are reviewed by the Finance Committee and the full Board of Directors on a continuing basis.

Annual reviews of financial statements are conducted by an independent CPA firm and a certified audit is prepared every three years.

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The Genesee Foundation carries insurance to cover all common areas, staff, the Board and volunteers. If you require a Certificate of Insurance, please contact Assured Partners at 303-863-7788