Trail In-Depth: Courtside and Canyon Creek

These featured pair of trails are located in the the southern section of Genesee. Courtside and Canyon Creek can be hiked together for a short hike of less than two miles out and back. To extend your hike, try the full Montane Loop (just over four total miles).

Trailhead Location:

Solitude tennis courts (also known as Montane Recreation Area) on Bitterroot Lane. As you head south on Bitterroot, take the first left turn and continue downhill to the tennis courts on the left side beyond the Genesee Water & Sanitation buildings. There is a parking area and a restroom adjacent to the tennis courts.

Trail Length:

Courtside is approximately 1/4 mile and Canyon Creek is approximately 2/3 mile.

Components of:

The Montane Loop (Courtside, Canyon Creek, Stonecrop Link, Lower Montane, Upper Montane, Deer Run, Hillrise East, Elk Run Spur and Elk Run), with a total distance of just over four miles.

Trail Steward:

Pat Sutton

Trail Details:

Courtside and Canyon Creek are easy trails with only a slight elevation gain. The trails are located south of Montane Drive East between Bitterroot Lane and Stonecrop Way. Courtside is a short 1/4-mile trail running between the Solitude tennis courts near the Genesee Water & Sanitation District retention pond east to its end at Daisy Lane. Canyon Creek Trail begins at Daisy Lane and ends at Stonecrop. Along the way you will have great views of the Bear Creek corridor to the south and Mt. Evans to the west. There is one short, very steep but well-maintained set of wooden stairs leading from Daisy Lane up onto Canyon Creek Trail. The rest of the trail follows a utility easement and is fairly level and wider than most trails in Genesee. 

You will enjoy walking through forested areas of ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and juniper. There are also open areas with rabbit brush and yucca plants. As you near Stonecrop Way you will find three wooden benches where you can stop and enjoy the views. Over Mother’s Day weekend this year, spring beauty wildflowers and barrel cactus were in bloom near the benches.

Safety Reminder:

Please stay alert and avoid hiking at dawn and dusk. Remember to wear sunscreen and carry water with you. Always keep your pets on a leash and remember to clean up after them. Pet waste receptacles are found on Bitterroot Lane (near Elk Run Trail) and on Stonecrop Way (near Montane Drive East).


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