Trail In-Depth: Hilltop and Meadow Edge

Hilltop and Meadow Edge are centrally located just uphill from the Vista Clubhouse and Marsh Meadow Trail.

Trailhead Location:

You can access Hilltop Trail from two locations on Shooting Star Drive. You can also park at Vista Clubhouse and access the trails by walking across Marsh Meadow to Meadow Edge.

Trail Length:

Hilltop: 0.14 miles, Meadow Edge: 0.05 miles

Components of:

Vista Loop (Marsh Meadow, Meadow Edge, Hilltop, Deer Run Spur, Deer Run, Hillrise East, Red Fox Way, Hillrise West, Streamside Spur, Streamside)

Trail Steward:

Carolyn Benson

Hilltop and Meadow Edge are short connector trails that offer alternatives to walking on Genesee Ridge Road and Shooting Star Drive. These two trails are part of the Vista Loop, which can be hiked in either direction from the Vista Clubhouse. You can also combine these two trails with Deer Run Spur and Deer Run Loop for an out-and-back hike from Vista Clubhouse. This option is less than two miles long and, at over 7700’ elevation, offers some of the best views in Genesee. These trails are also good choices for snowshoeing during the winter months.

Safety Reminder:

Remember to leash and clean up after your dogs. There are pet waste receptacles at both ends of Shooting Star Drive.


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