Genesee Fairy Trail Guidelines for Housing and Site Development

  1.  All Fairy Trail development must be located in the designated trail area located along the southeast branch of the upper section oft Ryan’s Streamside Trail, between the trailhead at Genesee Vista Road and the pedestrian bridge just a short walk down the trail.
  2.   No other trail locations in Genesee are to be used for Fairy Houses.
  3.  Reserve a place on the Fairy Trail by contacting Scott Jacobs at beginning May 15. There will be a limit of 30 Fairy Homes this year, with the total number reviewed on an annual basis.
  4. Site location is at your discretion and may be selected by placing your Fairy House along the designated portion of Streamside Trail on July 2 or 3. All locations will be available on a first come-first served basis.
  5. All site development must be at a minimum of 2’ and a maximum of 5’ off the existing trail.
  6. Maintain a minimum of 3’ from other Fairy House sites. 
  7. There is a maximum of one main Fairy House per site, not to exceed 18” in width, depth or height.
  8. Rope ladders or any other suspended structures above the main house are not to exceed 3’ above grade. 
  9.  No design may endanger the safe use of Streamside Trail.
  10. Acceptable architectural styles include, but are not limited to, Norwegian Troll, early German Black Forest, Grimms’ Fairy Tale, European half timber from the 1500s and 1600s, thatched roof farm structures, African tribal that is not nomadic, Japanese Nihon Kenchiku, Chinese from the Qing – Ming dynasties, pre-1920s Pacific Island, Rocky Mountain log cabin, Santa Fe/Pueblo, and Leprechaun from the Peat and Cobble Stone Eras.
  11. All exterior siding must blend into the natural environment as much as possible, using natural, biodegradable materials including sticks, bark, pinecones, leaves and grasses, with the exception of figurines and fencing as described below. Synthetic materials are not allowed.
  12. Acceptable figurines include fairies, gnomes, Disney/cartoon characters, trolls and animals of the forest (both real and fictional). Figurines are to be no taller than 6” and composed of materials suitable for outdoor use.  Stuffed animals or figurines are not allowed.
  13. All items such as figurines, fences and landscaping are to be glued to a wooden board painted in a brown color.  This will keep smaller items from becoming lost along the Streamside Trail. Small amounts of soil and leaves may be attached to or placed on top of the mounting board to make it less obvious.
  14. No carpeting or synthetic grass is allowed. Small areas of crushed stone to define yard areas are acceptable. 
  15. Perimeter fencing should not exceed a maximum height of 3” and must be in a white, brown or green color.
  16. Swimming pools are not allowed, but small reflecting ponds not to exceed a maximum of 8” in any one direction are acceptable. 
  17. Small bridges are acceptable, with a maximum length of 12” and a maximum height of 8” above grade. 
  18. No sites may have miniature automobiles, bicycles, or any “modern” object created after the 19th century.
  19. All structures and associated items must be removed by the owner by Sept 15. Anything not removed by then will be sent to Fairy Heaven by the Fairy Trail lead coordinator.

Questions: Contact Scott Jacobs @ 303-638-9785 or


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