Article Guidelines

The editors welcome your contributions to The Genescene. To help you get started here are the basics:

What does the Foundation do with your Article?

We read your article and format it for consistency with the style guide used in The Genescene. Therefore margins, fonts, type size, headings and placement of images may be adjusted. Content may be edited to improve clarity, eliminate redundancy and correct errors in spelling or punctuation. We do our best not to change an author’s intended meaning and most content editing is minor. However, if we feel major changes are needed, an article may be returned to the author for revision and resubmission. If the resubmitted article is received before that month’s deadline, it will be considered for that issue. If the deadline has passed, it will be held for the next issue. Our budget also imposes space limitations, so not all articles or photos submitted for a particular month’s issue are assured of inclusion. If an article is not published, the author will be notified and the article may be held for a future issue. An alternative to The Genescene for short announcements or time-critical information is the Foundation’s weekly email. Contact the office for further information on this option.


The deadline is 4pm on the 12th of the month prior to publication. For example, if you want to have an article considered for the March edition, it needs to be submitted electronically by 4pm on the 12th of February at 4pm. Submissions well before the deadline are appreciated.

  • Write your article and save it in a .txt,.doc or .docx format. Then use your browser to open The Genescene page of the Foundation website. 

  • Complete the Article Submission form and drag your article into the designated location.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.
  • The system should display a message that the information was received successfully. If you don’t see that confirmation message, your article was not received. Please try again or contact the Foundation office for help.

Residents | Although we ask for your physical address, we typically only print your name and email address in the byline. However, if you wish for your address and/or phone number to appear, simply include it in the byline of the article.

Staff and Committee Members | Since members of the community may wish to contact you, we print your name, your official Genesee email address (ending in and your phone number.

  • Articles: 300 words

  • Committee Reports: 300 words

  • Board Communications: no restriction.

  • Special Articles: maximum length will be determined on a case-by-case basis


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