Trail In-Depth: Marsh Meadow

Marsh Meadow is a short but favorite trail near Vista Clubhouse.

Trailhead Location:

The trail connects Genesee Vista Road and Genesee Ridge Road. Parking is available at Vista Clubhouse or Oxley Homestead.

Trail Length:

Approximately 0.2 miles (1035 feet)

Component of:

The 2-mile Vista Loop (Marsh Meadow, Meadow Edge, Hilltop, Deer Run Spur, Deer Run, Hillrise East, Red Fox Way, Hillrise West, Streamside Spur, Streamside)

Trail Steward:

Rick Sarg

Marsh Meadow is a popular trail located near Vista Clubhouse and the Ridge Townhomes. You can access Marsh Meadow from Genesee Vista Road, Genesee Ridge Road or Currant Spur, a social trail that has been upgraded recently to a formal connector trail from the townhomes. The meadow is often wet during winter and spring, and snow remains on north-facing slopes until late in the season. During the hot summer months, you will find parts of the trail shaded by a stand of aspen and a few ponderosa pine trees. There is one bench located under the aspen trees where you can stop and enjoy the view of Mount Evans. 

The remainder of the trail runs through an open meadow and offers great views to the west. During 2021, Rick Sarg and other trail stewards will be in the process of widening the tread on Marsh Meadow and replacing the wooden bridge just off Genesee Vista Road at the lower end of the trail.

Safety Reminder:

Marsh Meadow is a busy trail so you are likely to encounter other hikers and dog walkers. Always leash your pets. A pet waste receptacle is located on Genesee Vista Road at the lower end of the Marsh Meadow Trail.


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