Solar Submittal

The intent of this page is provide design guidelines and recommended installation parameters relative to solar or alternate energy installations. The primary goal is to insure aesthetically compatible and integral design solutions/installations that are consistent with the Genesee Architectural Guidelines and which afford effective utilization of the current alternate energy technologies.

Please note:

  • Installations should be respectful of adjacent residents relative to glare or potential solar reflection into adjacent residences as well as traffic corridors. The ARC reserves the right to request a mock-up of the proposed installations to insure that views and sightlines, both from approaching vehicles and/or from adjacent residences is not adversely impacted by the installation.
  • Supplemental support solar equipment shall be enclosed and/or screened from view. Non-glare glazing or non-reflective coatings should be utilized on the exterior face of all panels.
  • Please provide the following information to your solar panel installer.
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