Shared Use Trails

Shared Use Trails Consideration: A Process

In the summer of 2020, in response to continuing interest by some residents in bicycle use on the trails, the Trails Committee began to consider how to evaluate Genesee’s trails for shared use by hikers and bicyclists. The first step was to develop a paper for Board of Directors approval that describes the process to be used for consideration of designation of Genesee Trails for shared use. This process could be applied to either existing or proposed new trails. It was accepted by the Genesee Board of Directors as a reasonable approach during their September 2020 meeting. 

The process is based on three primary elements: 

  1. Fact-based analysis of a trail’s characteristics and relationship to the overall trail system.
  2. Consideration of the community’s response to specific proposals.
  3. Approval of any designations by the Board of Directors.

In addition to the process description, the paper includes information on management approaches utilized on shared use trails by public trails agencies, including Jefferson County Open Space and Denver Mountain Parks.

Following Board approval of the “Process for Consideration of Shared Use Trails” the committee developed additional working documents to guide the evaluation. First, shared use trail objectives, target users, and criteria for evaluating suitability of existing and potential trails for such designation, were established, as shown in the following document:

Then a cursory assessment of all Genesee trails was done, with the decision to evaluate in detail ten existing trails and one potential trail. Data from the field reviews by committee members is reflected in the following summary document:

After development of various alternatives with different themes, the committee decided to move forward the following proposal for community engagement and Board consideration:

The following draft documents were developed by the Trails Committee, reviewed and revised by the Communications Committee, and forwarded to the Board for use in the community engagement portion of the process:

There was a Shared Use Trail Informational Open House held at Vista on Wednesday, July 14th at 6:30PM. Here is a link to view the video recording of the meeting. The questionnaire will be sent out in late July/Early August. Residents will receive two questionnaires per lot. There will also be an opportunity to fill it out online, however, we will only accept 2 responses per lot (whether online or via mail-in). Residents will have 4 weeks from the date of mailing to return the questionnaire.


Once the collection is complete, the Genesee staff will digitize and publish all responses. The aim of this questionnaire is to gather information, opinions and general sentiments from the community regarding Shared Use Trails. Responses to the questionnaire do not constitute a formal vote. The board will use all of the information to decide on next steps, if any. We thank you in advance for your participation in this important project to understand community perspectives on the concept of Shared Use Trails.