The Foundation employs off-duty Jefferson County Sheriff’s to patrol the Foundation. Our patrol performs the vacation checks and any extra patrol requests in addition to patrolling the Foundation roads and properties. 

As off-duty sheriff’s they are able to write traffic violation tickets on Genesee roads so watch your speed!

Vacation Checks

The Foundation employs off-duty Jefferson County Sheriffs to patrol our community. In addition to safeguarding Foundation roads, facilities and resident properties, they perform Vacation Checks and extra Patrols upon request. They are also able to write traffic violation tickets on Genesee roads, so watch your speed!


A resident may request a Vacation Check of their home on a regular basis when they are away. The limit is 52 days per calendar year and is not intended to be used as ‘property management.’


*Please notify Patrol if you return early.

Extra Patrol

A Foundation member’s request for extra Genesee patrol coverage, when available, is for observation or investigation of unusual or suspicious circumstances, activity or behavior. It is no for extended Vacation Checks, medical conditions, emergencies or wellness checks. If you suspect criminal activity, or are in danger or have any doubt about the circumstances you are reporting, call 911 immediately. It is understood that Extra Patrol may not always be provided, as it is dependent upon the nature of the request and the availability of personnel to respond based upon patrol schedules.