Weed Management

Genesee employs weed mitigation practices by knowing both the identity and removal methods of the common weeds listed below. For example, Dalmatian toadflax is sprayed during the summer months to manage the infestation. A single weed can produce up to 500,000 seeds, so it is important to know about our weed management efforts. If you would like more information on Dalmatian toadflax or any other weed that you see, use the links below or contact our Open Space manager.

Jefferson County Noxious Weed List – weeds that must be controlled

The most effective control for any particular weed depends largely on its biology. Some weeds can be eradicated by merely pulling them, whereas others are merely encouraged to spread by that same action. Know your weed before you attempt to control it. Information and recommendations for weed control can be found in the Oxley Library, by calling the Open Space manager, or by contacting Jefferson County Weed and Pest Department.