Play Equipment Submittal

Play equipment includes, but is not limited to swing sets, swings attached to a structure or tree, slides and ramps, climbing structures, forts and play houses, basketball hoops and backboards, trampolines, soccer goals and skate board railings and ramps. Residents are encouraged to use the community play grounds in lieu of individual equipment.

Play equipment shall blend with the natural features of the Lot and complement the existing adjacent structures. Muted, dark, earth-tone or forest-tone colors are strongly encouraged for all play equipment, including fabric canopies, slides and accessories. Primary colors are not allowed.

  1. Play equipment shall be located away from Lot lines and direct view lines to neighboring Lots, roads or Open Space and should be situated such that they relate visually with the residence or natural landscape.

  2. Any Dwelling-mounted basketball backboard shall be either transparent or colored to match the surface to which it is affixed. Free-standing backboards shall be transparent and mounted on a pole painted black or other approved muted, dark color.

  3. Pursuant to the Governing Documents, where screening is required to limit visibility from roads, Open Space or neighboring Lots, the Owner shall submit a Submittal Form with Landscaping and Play Equipment Check-List.

  4. The ARC shall require that any play equipment be removed when it is no longer in use.

  5. According to the Declaration, play equipment which can be seen from roads, other Lots or Open Space must be “surrounded by fencing, landscaping or other screening approved by the” ARC.

Please reference section 2.5.3 Play Equipment of the ARC Standards

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