Pine Needle Pickup

The annual Genesee pine needle pickup will occur during the second week of June (6/6 – 6/10). Our Open Space manager has researched opportunities for recycling our pine needles, but the volume is too much for any organization to process. So, while GFL will collect up to five bags of needles during routine trash pickups, the Genesee Foundation has hired them for this additional time to encourage residents to do their part in wildfire mitigation. Bags may be either plastic or paper.

There is a limit of 15 bags per household, so this event is not meant for landscaping a resident’s entire property. The wildfire risk reduction is realized by removing all flammable material (pine needles in this case) within five feet of your house. Removing pine needles beyond that distance should be concentrated in areas beneath flammable shrubs or trees with low-hanging limbs.

This event is in support of the community’s annual Firewise certification and, in order to continue Genesee’s decades-long involvement in the Firewise program, we ask that participating residents please fill out this 30 second, three-question form by clicking on this link:  We use this information to support our Firewise Certification by recording the diligent work being done by our community.

Please place your bags at your curb before Monday, June 6 at 6am.  Bags should be located where you normally put your trash cans for pickup. 

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