Paint, Stain and Exterior Submittal

Whether requested by the Genesee Foundation or by the Owner, a Submittal is required when re-staining or repainting to a new color, opacity or sheen. The Submittal should clearly show all of the colors selected, specifically showing which color is to be used for the trim, deck, railing, body and accent colors.

When selecting a color, it is often helpful if the owner contacts the ARC through email. Materials and colors used on any exterior Improvement shall be subdued and blend with the colors of existing Dwellings and the natural landscape. Permitted colors, including trim colors, include muted earth tones of brown, beige, taupe, green (except lighter and bluer toned greens) and gray.

Exterior colors, including trim colors, shall not exceed a light reflectance value (LRV) of sixty percent (60%). In general, pinks, purples, reds (except for natural cedar color stains), yellows (except for natural yellow tinted stains), oranges, lighter greens, blacks, blues (including cold, slate blue-gray) and whites are not appropriate for Genesee. Base house colors and trim colors shall not be highly contrasting.

Below is a suggested color palate. Even if you pick a color below, you must still submit to the ARC.

These are NOT the only colors you can use but rather a suggestion. All colors are from the Sherwin Williams Woodscapes collection. You are not required to use Sherwin Williams or the colors below. This is the general color scheme that is preferred by the ARC and generally approved.

There is a color book of approved colors in the Foundation office. Any of these colors may be used, depending on neighboring house colors and roof and trim colors. The ARC assesses color and material choices in the context of their proposed location. Colors and materials on other existing Dwellings may not be appropriate for a structure of different design or location. Adjacent Dwellings (excluding townhomes) may not be allowed to use the same color but may be permitted to use a similar color of a slightly different shade. In determining how colors will look on a particular Dwelling, it is highly recommended that the Owner paint an inconspicuous four (4) foot by four (4) foot section of the Dwelling with the proposed color for review by the ARC.

Paint, Stain, Siding and Stucco Submittal
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