Trail In-Depth: Miner’s Mile

Trailhead Location: 

Foothills Drive South near the Foothills Clubhouse. One end of Miner’s Mile connects with Streamside Trail at Foothills Drive South and the other end with Elk Run Trail at Pine Drop Lane.

Trail Length: 

Approximately one mile

Component of:

The Foothills Loop (Miner’s Mile, Elk Run, Elk Run Spur, Hillrise East, Hillrise West, Streamside Spur and Streamside)

Trail Steward:

Mike Hooley

Miner’s Mile is one of 25 trails in Genesee, but a favorite trail for many residents. It is a wide trail with a slight incline that you can hike in 30 to 45 minutes. In addition to being part of the Foothills Loop, Miner’s Mile provides access to Ponderosa Loop and Bear Creek Highlands. Miner’s Mile is popular with
runners and dog walkers. The trail goes through Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir
that provide intermittent shade on hot days. There are dramatic rock outcrops
along the trail and glimpses of Bear Creek Canyon through the trees. On the
southern section near Pine Drop Lane, you will pass a water pump station. A
perennial stream is located to the west of the trail.

Safety Reminder:

Please stay alert. You may encounter wildlife, including bears, on your hikes in Genesee. Avoid hiking at dawn or dusk and always keep your pets on a leash.


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