Fence Submittal

In order to preserve the natural quality and aesthetic appearance of Genesee, fences are generally discouraged in Genesee, which is why lot line fencing is not allowed. The ARC may permit fences if they are designed as an extension the home and integrate with the existing topography. Fences shall match the material, color and details of the existing Dwelling unless the ARC determines another material, color or detail would be more desirable under the circumstances.  Chain link, temporary plastic and chicken wire fencing is not allowed. Unless otherwise approved, fencing shall be no taller than five and one-half feet, with posts being no taller than six feet.   In general, fences should be kept to a maximum of a three hundred square feet and are not intended to be enclosed back yards.  In general, fences should not extend further than ten feet from existing improvements.

The top of the fence shall be stepped vertically to follow the natural grade.  Fences shall be located in an area which provides minimum visual impact on other Lots, roads and Open Space.

Please reference section 2.5.5. Ancillary Improvements of the ARC Standards.

Fence Submittal
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