Dog Run + Invisible Fence Submittal

To be approved, dog runs must blend with the character and style of the Dwelling and shall be integrated with the existing topography. Therefore, if there is a slope, the dog run should be stepped.

  • Dog runs shall match the material, color and details of the existing Dwelling unless the ARC determines that another material, color or detail would be more appropriate under the specific circumstances.

  • Chain link, temporary plastic or chicken wire fencing is not allowed.

  • In general, dog runs should be kept to a maximum of a three hundred square feet. In general, dog runs should not extend further than ten feet from existing improvements. Property line fencing is not allowed.

  • The ARC may require the top of the enclosure to be stepped vertically to follow the natural grade. The height shall be the minimum sufficient to contain the animal(s), but in no event taller than five feet six inches with posts not exceeding six feet. The size of a dog run is variable depending upon the overall visual impact of the enclosure on the Dwelling and the Lot.

  • Dog runs shall be located in an area which provides the minimum visual and auditory impact on other Lots, roads and Open Space. Only one dog run is allowed per Lot.

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