Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Genesee Community Residents,

If we have not officially met yet, I hope to soon. My name is Dorie Dalton and I am the Wildland Specialist for the Genesee Fire Protection District. I started in the position in January. My role is to share important information concerning the community and wildfire mitigation. I am a part of the team that helped to prepare and present the Community Wildfire Protection Plan for our community. I am also building a sustainable wildfire home assessment program that will be available in the next few months to every resident of the fire district.

A few weeks ago, we had a community wide meeting to share the findings of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan, CWPP. If you were unable to attend that meeting, I would encourage you to take the time to watch the presentation. There was a lot of important information shared that impacts the entire community. All the documents pertaining to the CWPP can be found on the Wildfire Info link shared below. If you read the CWPP document or summary, please fill out the feedback survey found on the link as well. We want to hear from you.

April 7 – CWPP Presentation

Living in this beautiful area, we all have a responsibility to understand the Wildland Urban Interface. I am excited to lead the public education effort. Be sure to check out the Wildfire Info on the Genesee Fire Website and watch for information about upcoming education events. 


Dorie Dalton                          
Wildland Specialist