The Foundation office will resume normal business hours on Monday, March 8th.

Assessment Payments

The current 2021 quarterly assessment is $645 per lot. There are no fees if you pay by check, echeck or ACH (electronic payment). However, our banking partner, CIT, charges a 2.95% fee to process a debit or credit card payment which covers their processing costs. This fee is charged by and paid to CIT; Genesee does not collect or otherwise benefit from these fees.

To set up an ACH, you will need to complete the paperwork found here, where you will provide the information needed to create your own resident account in CiraNet. CiraNet is the secure, intuitive portal software for residents, separate from this website, that enables residents and homeowners to easily manage their affairs with Genesee.

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PO Box 98026
Phoenix, AZ 85038-8026
United States

*If you are having difficulties setting up your resident account, please call 1-855-877-2472 for step by step instructions*