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This hidden gem in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is an area of 2000 acres, of which 1200 acres are dedicated open space. With 12 miles of maintained hiking trails, Genesee offers its residents the opportunity to experience the great outdoors within an easy walk from their front door.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values are all guided by principles of responsible stewardship of our man-made and natural assets, and by an appreciation of our unique natural environment. As we strive to maintain the inherent qualities of Genesee, we also strive to enhance what nature has given us. It is this combination of maintaining our unique environment while being proactive that sets Genesee apart from other mountain communities.

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Genesee Employs 9 Full Time Staff

On-site, full-time Community Manager, three office support staff, three maintenance staff and two Forestry/Open Space Technicians

Facilities + Amenities

There are three meeting facilities. The Vista Clubhouse is home to our administrative offices, tennis and pickle ball courts, a full-size swimming pool, a tot pool, play ­ground, basketball court, large meeting space, and a full kitchen. A state-of-the-art fitness center, library, meeting space and recently renovated 5-lane lap pool can be found at the Foothills Clubhouse. The original Oxley Homestead, built at the turn of the last century, provides a small, more intimate meeting space. Our Solitude tennis courts offer two additional courts with spectacular mountain views in a remote, quiet environment. All utilities are buried so as to not interfere with our natural environment and wonderful views.


The Foundation assessments are currently $652 per quarter.

These fees cover the following:

  • Nine full time onsite staff dedicated to operational activities of the Genesee Foundation and seasonal open space staff.

  • Trash and recycling pickup, annual curbside chipping and annual pine needle pickup.

  • Jefferson County off-duty Sheriff Patrol which includes optional vacation home checks.

  • Private drive snow plowing and maintenance.

  • Forest and trail management.

  • Community events.

  • Contributions to the Reserve fund to allow for maintenance, replacement, and improvements to the Foundation’s facilities and assets.

  • Three hired professionals on the Architectural Review Committee.

  • Monthly newsletter and weekly communications.

Genesee Trail System

The Genesee community enjoys approximately twelve miles of privately owned and maintained hiking trails located on its Open Space. Genesee’s trails take you through a diverse foothills ecosystem where you will find a variety of plant and animal species and wonderful vistas of the Front Range, Continental Divide and Mount Evans. New homeowners are provided a trail map. After you have settled in, you may opt to purchase our Genesee Trails book which provides detailed trail descriptions, maps and difficulty assessments for all trails in Genesee.

Open Space

Our full-time Open Space Manager implements and oversees forest health and weed management programs. He administers our yearly fire mitigation projects and grants. Along with this, he assists homeowners and the Foundation in obtaining grant funding for defensible space projects on private property. He works closely with the Trails Committee to maintain and improve our trail system.

Twelve hundred acres of Open Space Management involves:

  • Forest Management: Funding is focused on projects that reduce the risk of damage to property, infrastructure, water supplies, and steps to limit the likelihood of wildfires spreading into populated areas.

  • Erosion Control: Although erosion is a natural process, corrective maintenance is performed on areas of major erosion.

  • Weed Management: Licensed herbicide applicators are contracted to target noxious weeds, especially in area of recent ground disturbances.

  • Insect and Disease Management

  • Trails: The maintenance and development of our system of hiking trails involves coordination with the Trails Committee and Open Space Manager.

ARC Standards

The Genesee Foundation is governed by a set of Architectural Review Standards developed to ensure that improvements complement the natural environment. They, in turn, stabilize and improve property values in Genesee by maintaining a cohesive appearance of all structures so that thy blend well with the natural environment. Any addition or change to the exterior of a home must go through the ARC process. The Architectural Review Committee meets twice each month and is currently made up of up to two resident volunteers and three paid professionals.

Genesee Fire Protection District

The Genesee Fire Protection District includes Genesee and surrounding areas. GFR is a combination paid/volunteer organization with two full time and 30 volunteer firefighters. The Genesee Fire Station is centrally located within our community and cooperative aid agreements with nearby fire departments and Highlands Rescue Team Ambulance District allow for quick and effective 24/7 fire and medical response to Genesee residents.


Genesee has an ISO (International Org. for Standardization) rating of 3, placing it in the top 11% nationwide. This score is a rating that determines how well a local fire department can protect its community and your home and is often used by insurance companies to set homeowners’ insurance rates.

Genesee Water and Sanitation District

Genesee Water and Sanitation District is a special district formed in 1973 under the Colorado Special District Act. The District provides safe and reliable water and sanitation services to its residents. Our new, state-of-the-art water treatment plant and large reservoir are located within Genesee and provide our residents with ample clean water, even in times of drought.

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