The Foundation office will resume normal business hours on Monday, March 8th.

Commonly Asked Questions

Trailers, mobile homes, truck campers, boats, snowmobiles (etc) and commercial vehicles shall not be kept, maintained, or placed upon any lot, road, private drive, such that it is visible from public roads, other lots, or Open Space. All recreational and commercial vehicles need to be stored within a garage. You are, however, allowed to park trailers/campers/boats on your property for 36 hours before and after a trip for loading and unloading

Street Parking is only permitted on county-owned and maintained roads. Due to the narrow nature of our private drives, parked cars are a hazard to their neighbors, delivery drivers and Foundation snowplows.

Genesee lots were sized and designed to create more Open Space and enhanced views. Our ARC standards prohibit lot line fences in order to keep the open nature of our community. The ARC will review dogs runs that are 300 sqft or less. All fence designs will first need ARC approval. When reviewing the proposals, the ARC ensures that fencing complements the aesthetics of the home. It is preferred that dog runs are situated under decks or along less-visible sides of the home.  Invisible fences are allowed within 10 ft of the lot lines. There are no dog parks in Genesee, but there are many local parks that residents in Genesee may use. Dogs must be on a 6ft leash at all times when not on your property.

Our Declaration allows for three (3) household pets per residence (Jefferson County regulation). It does not allow for livestock or horses. Unfortunately, those chickens will need to stay somewhere else!

Permanent gas-fueled fires are permitted if approved by the ARC. Portable gas fire pits do not need approval. Wood-fueled fire pits are prohibited. Given the flammable surroundings in which Genesee is located, we encourage you to check current fire restrictions before using your firepit

Yes. For Sale/For Rent signs are allowed on your lot, the sign cannot be larger than 2 square feet and no higher than four feet above grade to the bottom of the sign.

The Foundation contracts with Alpine Waste for trash and recycle pickup. More details can be found here.

Foundation staff plows our private drives when snow levels reach 3 inches at Vista Clubhouse. It takes roughly 4 hours to plow the entire community. Please note that we do not have the ability to salt or sand. Please find more info here.

The Foundation employs off-duty Jefferson County Sheriff’s to patrol the Foundation at random times during the week. Residents may request up to 52 days of vacation checks or extra patrols. When a vacation check is requested, a sheriff will visit your home on the days noted and make sure all windows and doors are locked, pick up any packages (if requested) and check for suspicious activity. Request one here.

Unfortunately, by law, we are not allowed to keep copies of your mailbox keys. We do have blank keys for sale in the office that you may take to a key company.

Still have more questions? 

Please get in touch with us at and we’d be happy to help.