A/C Unit Submittal

We all like to stay cool in the summer, but your neighbors probably don’t want to see your a/c unit.

All utility equipment permanently attached to the exterior walls, including but not limited to gas and electric meters and electrical distribution equipment, shall be incorporated into the overall design of the Dwelling or be permanently enclosed/screened by a material approved by the ARC. In addition, the meters should be located so as not to be visible from roads, Lots and Open Space. Free-standing and other mechanical equipment, such as air conditioning compressors and hot tub pumps, shall be appropriately located, muffled and adequately screened and approved by the ARC. When possible meters should be recessed in the exterior wall.

Adequate screening includes landscaping and enclosure walls to prevent an unreasonable level of noise on adjacent Lots and to conceal the equipment from view from adjacent Lots, roads and Open Space. Please refer to this page for shrubs suitable for A/C screening. Please reference section 2.3.10. Exterior Equipment of the ARC Standards.

A/C Unit Submittal
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