2021 Pine Needle and Slash Pickup

Support Genesee’s Annual Firewise Certification
Pine Needle Pick-up | 06.01.21 | 8am

The Annual Genesee Pine Needle Pick Up will happen during the first week of June. In order to reduce plastic waste, this year we have a limit of 15 bags per household. Unfortunately, paper bags easily rip and are not sturdy enough to transport from curbside to truck to dumpster. This event is not meant for landscaping one’s entire property. The wildfire risk benefit is made by removing all flammable material (pine needles in this case) 5 feet out from your structure.  Our Open Space Manager has researched opportunities for recycling our pine needles but the volume is too much for any organization to process. As an additional reminder, Firewise recommends you concentrate your pine needle clearing efforts within 5 feet of your home or flammable material (wood piles and low-growing flammable bushes). Removing pine needles beyond 5 feet should be concentrated in areas beneath flammable shrubs or low limbs of trees.

This event is in support of the community’s annual Firewise certification and in order to continue Genesee’s decades-long involvement in the Firewise program we ask that participating residents please fill out this 30 second, 3-question form by clicking on this link: https://forms.gle/X9SB9rtbJC1KSeYa7

We use this information to bolster our Firewise Certification and record the diligent work being done by the community.

Please get your bags to your curb before Tuesday June 1st at 8 am. We cannot guarantee bags will be picked up by us if placed after 8 am on Tuesday. Bags should be placed where you normally place your garbage for pick up. GFL will pick up 5 bags of needles during routine pick-ups but the Genesee Foundation is offering this additional day to encourage residents to do their part in wildfire mitigation.

Slash Pickup | 06.07.21 | 8am

Please have your slash to your curbside by June 7th at 8 am

ARRANGEMENT OF PILES: Please arrange your slash so that cut ends are facing the road and stacked; perpendicular piles require more time to untangle and thus increase our cost for this project. Please do not put piles in drainage ditches along the road and please keep them clear of the road or private drive. Any slash piles that have excess dirt, trash, or metal within them will not be picked up. Please do not add limbs that exceed 8 inches of diameter or 4 feet in length. Please place your piles at your curbside, where you would normally have your trash picked up. If you have larger trees to be removed, contact a tree contractor or the Open Space Manager for recommendations.

LOGISTICS OF PICKUP: Starting June 7th, Genesee Foundation Staff will inventory all residences with slash piles and direct the hired chipping contractor to go to these addresses. The contractor will then collect all piles during the week of June 14th . This method will reduce costs significantly compared to asking the contractor (with dump truck and chipper) to drive by every address in the community. By getting your piles to the curb by June 7th you are improving the cost-efficiency of this important annual project. After the week of June 14th , if you think your pile has been missed, please email Brian@GeneseeFoundation.org

WILDFIRE BENEFIT: The common recommendation for pruning conifers to reduce wildfire risk is to limb up 10 feet or 1/3 of the tree. Ideally, this will prevent a low intensity surface fire from reaching tree tops and becoming a high intensity crown fire. Removing excess branches on the forest floor will reduce a surface fire’s intensity and resultant flame length.

Lastly, this event will be recorded for Genesee’s annual Firewise certification. If you plan to participate, please fill out this quick, 3 question survey.

Thank you for continuing the legacy of Genesee’s Firewise involvement.